Local Area Information

What can we say about Sedgefield! Our local area is not known as the Garden Route in Eden for nothing!

Here you can enjoy Sand, Sea, Forests, Lakes, and a Lagoon.

  • Walking
  • running,
  • cycling,
  • swimming,
  • fishing,
  • kayaking
  • stand up paddling
  • surfing
  • paragliding off our famous Cloud 9 if your feeling really adventurous 
  • there is even an outdoor gym on the Village Green ....... just some of the activities that can keep you busy on your holiday

Sedgefield is home to a number of beautiful beaches, Swartvlei, The Mouth, Myoli, Cola and Platbank. (During season Lifeguards are usually on duty at Swartvlei and Myoli)

For those of you are fond of more leisurely pursuits here a a few ideas

  • Birdwatching - there is an abundance of bird life on the island and its waterways and indeed even in the garden at sea4yourself.
  • Sunbathing either around the pool or on one of our beautiful beaches
  • Take a drive around the village and take in the magnificent views, don't forget to look out for the amazing mosaics produced by a local NPO Masithandane. There is a fish at the Mouth, A giant heart in town, some people and a tree near the post office and library and a couple of giant tortoises which can be found at both entrances to the Island, oh yes, and a map at mosaic village!
  • Be sure to check the local press (The Edge) to find out what is happening in the village. There is always something going on whether it is local theatre, a charity fundraising event or even a festival. 
  • Stroll down to Mosaic Village and grab a cup of coffee at Slow Roasted, where they roast their own blends. You can watch the colourful para-gliders as they descend from Cloud 9. (Sometimes there are as many as 35 in the air!)
  • Take a walk to the water's edge of the lagoon on the Island, there are lots of benches dotted around, (don't forget your towel if you feel like a leisurely dip!)

And for the children.........

  • There is plenty of room in the garden to kick a ball around or play a game of cricket!
  • Sandcastle building on one of the many beaches is sure to be a winner
  • Boogy Boarding and swimming.
  • Enjoy the pool! 

sea4yourself holiday home is situated on the Island in Sedgefield. The Island is a nature conservancy and so you will be bound to encounter guinea fowl and even the odd tortoise whilst on your evening stroll. 

There are a number of shops in our town including a PicknPay, a Superspar and a pharmacy. There will be an information file in your holiday home but just in case we have forgotten something, 'Sedgetarians' are very friendly and will be glad to help if you just ask.

It is 32km along the N2 from Sedgefield to the Garden Route Mall and 46km (36 minutes) to the airport.

Wilderness is 23.1km away heading along the N2 towards George while Knysna is 24.8km in the opposite direction. 

(All photos on this page were taken by ourselves in and around Sedgefield.)